3rd Apr 2023

What to do during a Sexual Assault

Hi, I've been writing about how to protect yourself from brutal police and a corrupt government for thirty five plus years. But my fellow man is not ready to stand up to tyranny instead my fellow man has chosen to prey on the weak and the defenseless. Not on my watch. The best way to protect women from attack is to pass this article around and put men on notice that women have a weapon that they never had before.

Back in the day, we didn't all walk around with cellphones. In case you didn't notice there is a digital recorder on most cellphones. If you can't locate the "digital recorder" you can use the video recorder and the sound can be enhanced at a later date.

1.) Whenever you find yourself alone with a man at work, school, church, it really doesn't matter, have your cellphone handy/ready.

2.) If at some point your attacker isn't taking no for an answer or even before that, start recording (see video above).

3.) Women should carry mace (sells for about $10 at most liquor stores/sporting goods stores) or a hand held stun gun (sells for about $40 at most sporting goods stores or pawn shops). If you have one, use it. When not taking no for an answer turns physical use your mace or stun gun and aim at his face.

If you do not have mace or a stun gun your fingers and knuckles can work just as well, aim for soft spots like the eyes, ears, groin, ribs, throat. Not only might this distract your attacker enough to escape but the bastard can not claim the encounter was consensual if he's black and blue.

Do not worry about overreacting, it is better to be safe than to be dead any day of the week.

4.) Yell. Attackers rely on your fear and shame. You did nothing wrong so therefore you have nothing to be ashamed of. Yell and keep on yelling, this may be the difference between having your attacker flee or stay and rape you or maybe worse. None of this is your fault, it does not matter what you wear or what you said because girls are raped in the winter too when they are fully clothed. And even 4 out of every 10 nuns in the US reports being sexually assaulted by clergy. Remember this, you did nothing wrong.

5.) If all of this has failed or if you could not move to accomplish any of this as soon as the attack is over and you can, run. Do not stop to shower at your attackers place, a shower will only wash away evidence. Run for your life or your attacker may want to destroy the evidence by killing you. So run like hell and don't look back, keep running until you reach safety.

6.) You may not be old enough to remember former president Bill Clinton but he lied on national television about an affair (with Monica Lewinsky) he had while he was in office. And while it looked like another he-said, she-said case where the lying scum bag would get off again, his accuser produced a dress that the president left his DNA all over. I guess Monica doesn't swallow and didn't wash this dress either. This is your ticket, in addition to a digital recording and scars you can inflict, you need physical evidence.

7.) After you run away and get to safety the next important thing to do is to write down everything that happened to you with the times and as many details as you can remember before the memory gets fuzzy. Gather any evidence that you have, hopefully a sample of his semen (DNA). Secure your digital recording.

8.) What to do with this evidence? Cops notoriously side with rapist, look it up, it is a fact. And DA's often complain that rape test kits cost too much to process and so they are simply thrown away, I'm not making this sick shit up, look it up. You have a SE, right?

What I suggest to police brutality victims is to use everything you can, so first post your evidence to your social media accounts to secure your recordings and evidence, to expose your attacker and warn other potential victims to stay away from this guy. Next call an attorney from the yellow pages and let him present your evidence to the DA and the police.

9.) Shame your attacker. Chances are your attacker has a wife, children, a job, a boss, send your evidence to his mother and everyone else that you can think of. The one deterrent we have is that this sex crime will not be kept a secret. Men have got away with this behavior committed against our mothers and our daughters because the attackers could rely on your/our silence. Do not be silent. Buy a page in the local newspaper and run your story with his picture. Fax evidence to his coworkers and bosses. Post flyers in his neighborhood and at his church.

10.) What else can you do? Move. America is a cesspool and the most dangerous industrialized country on the planet. Americans prefer to compare themselves to some third world hell hole but that is because when you compare America to any industrialized nation on the planet, America looks like the hell hole. In Canada you can go to sleep at night and never lock your front door, you do not need to sleep with a gun under your pillow. In Japan a woman can walk down any street at 3 am and never have to fear being raped. Look up the numbers, American education ranks 29th but in prison population America is numero uno. The Super Rich who run Americas government and businesses have turned America into a zoo and only the Super Rich can afford justice, everyone else is subject to a police state and kangaroo courts/justice.

Protect your children because the American government and US police won't protect you or your family.

NOTE: This is a totally free article, no subscriptions or pay walls, no ads or pop ups, no donation buttons or anything to join or buy. No spam! I do not profit from any of this. I am not running for any political office, nor do I endorse any candidates or political parties.

Do yourself a favor. Think for yourself. Be your own person. Question everything. Stand for principle. Champion individual liberty and self-ownership where you can. Develop a strong moral code. Be kind to others. Do no harm, unless that harm is warranted. Pretty obvious stuff...but people who hold to these things in their hearts seem to be disappearing from the earth at an accelerated rate. Stay safe, my friends. Thanks for being here.

If you’re having any difficulty you can contact:

The nonprofit organization End Violence Against Women International began the national Start By Believing Campaign in 2011, to promote positive responses to sexual assault survivors who disclose. As the campaign’s name suggests, a statement of belief can have a huge impact on sexual assault survivors, and can influence their decision whether or not to disclose their sexual assault again. Start By Believing also provides more tips on what to say and what not to say when someone confides in you they’ve been sexually assaulted.


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