11th Dec 2023

Prisoners say Trump Can Expect What Derek Chauvin Got and Worse

Letters from DeathRow

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One prisoner wrote: "We all know about your secret service, the only time they had to protect someone they let the president, be assassinated. The secret service is as worthless as your politicians, all they care about is drug parties and underage hookers." READ MORE: The Secret Service’s history of sex and alcohol scandals

Another prisoner wrote: "Send us Trump or Hunter we'll do 'em like we did Jeffrey Epstein."

Donald Trump now faces 78 felony charges across three criminal cases — many of them carrying the potential for hefty prison time.

If Trump were convicted on all counts and given the maximum statutory penalty for each one, he would face a whopping 641 years in prison. And that’s not counting additional criminal charges he may face in Georgia.

In interviews and letters, thousands of current Florida prisoners say they can't wait for the former president to be sentenced and sent to a facility, hopefully theirs.

"I seem to remember that for years we've heard the public and Donald himself, complain that judges were too soft on criminals and how they wished that all prisoners would face prison justice and be repeatedly raped by some four hundred pound inmate named Bubba. Even though many convicted death row inmates had to be released after DNA evidence proved them to be innocent. Remember that?"

"Funny how all that changed after J6 and Derek Chauvin. Isn't it? Now that those white devils are getting locked up they're all crying for prison reform, protecting prisoners and kumbaya, right? But when it's the poor being locked up in droves, raped and tortured by the police, no one cares, right?" asked one prisoner.

Another prisoner wrote: "I hope they put Trump in a cell with me so I can serve him some prison justice he likes to talk so much about. Now his neo-Nazi supporters will say I must be a liberal democrat since I'm in prison and want to mete out the same justice Trump says he wants done to me but I do not discriminate, I hate all politicians. I hate politicians because they are all crooks, they're poverty pimps! 

And Trump's more crooked than them all put together. Trump gave his kids jobs in the White house at our expense and they have no experience, none at all, no qualifications! Then his son-in-law stole national secrets and sold them to the Saudis, they even had to yank his security clearance, they squeezed Qatar and took 2b from the Saudis to lick their asses and play at their golf tournaments. All the while spitting in the faces of 9/11 families. Now that's corrupt!" READ MORE: Trump Accused of Turning Back on Country for Saudi Money by 9/11 Families

READ MORE: Jared Kushner's deal with Saudi Arabia sure looks corrupt

"Remember what they did to that reporter Jamal Khashoggi? They don't want us to know the truth. Do they? Don't believe me? Just look at what Trump and now Joe Biden is doing to Julian Assange! The war criminal is in the White House while the whistleblower remains in prison!"

"Remember Obama blocked torture videos and photos while sweeping the Senate Torture investigation under the White house rug, keeping it secret, from who, from you, after you paid millions to produce it. And why? Why keep it secret? Because they are all war criminals. That's why! READ MORE: Obama Administration Reverses Promise to Release Torture Photos

We have the photos and evidence from Bush's torture spree. And we all know what Obama did in Libya, Syria and Gitmo. And Obama and Trump promoted the torture lady at the CIA. While Trump and Biden sent the DOJ after the man who exposed their war crimes keeping him behind bars in inhumane conditions. How is this all possible? Because Americans are Nazi's who keep electing war criminals to hold office. America IS the new Nazi Germany. And Trump is the new Hitler, Trump is fascism masquerading as 'law and order'."

If you do not know that Joe Biden is a war criminal, it is because you are a lousy citizen. Your only job as a citizen is to "stay informed and vigilant" and you my friend are neither. 

Joe Biden is a war criminal. Biden worked with Joe Lieberman, John McCain and the CIA. Biden is responsible for the destruction of Yugoslavia and Serbia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia and part of Syria. Biden has enabled Saudi Arabia's attacks on Yemen. Ukranie's attack on its former Russian provinces and Israel's destruction of Palestine (look it up). Joe Biden has the blood of over one million innocent Iraqi civilians on his hands. READ MORE: Biden is a WAR CRIMINAL

Another prisoner said: "Politicians, both democrats and republicans shipped my job overseas. When I got another job Ronald Reagan granted 2 million illegals amnesty and I lost another job. I lost my savings and in 2008 I lost my home and had to sleep in my car. The politicians bailed out the banks and the automakers but there was no bailout for me. The white devils stole this land from the Natives, they stole the resources, the gold and the oil, they even stole the labor and the culture and yet they have the audacity to call me a thief!"

One prisoner simply known as the 'booty-snatcher' said that Trump was too fat and out of shape and that the thought of having sex with Trump made his penis shrivel up. But said that Biden's son, Hunter could 'toss his salad' any day.

Another prisoner wrote: "I'm the one they call Bubba and I'm tired of you people who don't know nothin' 'bout nothin', always sayin' it's rape. It's not rape, it's love. Oh sure at first it might not feel like love but after a while he'll come to like it. And after a little while longer he'll even come to beg for it. It's human nature and I'm not sorry. It's prison love. And what's wrong with that?"

In America there's no fair trials only kangaroo courts. In America you're guilty until you can prove your innocence. If you can't afford bail you'll rot in jail. If you can't afford an attorney don't worry the state that has endless funds to convict you will also provide you with a dump truck public defender with a very limited budget as well as being understaffed and over worked. Evidence will be lost or tampered with. Witnesses turn up missing or will be silenced. Suspects forced to confess. It's the same old song and dance. 

American voters only have two choices, one, you can shut the fuck up and get back to work or option number two, you can go sleep in the streets. You are free to choose, choose wisely.

One prisoner ask: "Can it really be true that most people in jail are legally innocent? How much of mass incarceration is a result of the war on drugs. And who is the victim? Only the user is hurt by drug use so why hurt them more with incarceration? They need help but instead the American justice system purposely sets out to hurt them even more."

The U.S. doesn’t have one “criminal justice system;” instead, we have thousands of federal, state, local, and tribal systems. Together, these systems hold almost 2 million people in 1,566 state prisons, 98 federal prisons, 3,116 local jails, 1,323 juvenile correctional facilities, 181 immigration detention facilities, and 80 Indian country jails, as well as in military prisons, civil commitment centers, state psychiatric hospitals, and prisons in the U.S. territories.

At least 1 in 4 people who go to jail will be arrested again within the same year — often those dealing with poverty, mental illness, and substance use disorders, whose problems only worsen with incarceration.

The specter of “rising crime” has re-emerged as a central issue among elected officials, political candidates, and in media commentary, but their explanations and exaggerations of recent crime trends don’t add up. It’s true that while overall crime rates fell, certain types of offenses rose significantly in 2020, and by a much smaller margin in 2021 — especially homicides, shootings, and motor vehicle thefts. As in the past, many in law enforcement and on the right have been quick to blame recent reforms for shifts in crime trends and to resurrect the same “tough on crime” policies that failed in the 80s and 90s. But claims that recent changes in crime were the result of reforms — such as bail reform, changes to police budgets, or electing “progressive” prosecutors — are simply not supported by the evidence. In reality, a number of studies have shown:

While the rise in certain serious types of crime is very concerning, the truth is that overall crime rates remainnear historic lows. What has actually changed most is the public’s perception of crime, which is driven less by first-hand experience than by the false claims of reform opponents. These false claims are deliberately stoked to undo the hard-won, evidence supported, common sense reforms that have only begun put a dent in mass incarceration.

One prisoner simply wrote: PLEAZE send us Trump or Hunter. We'll play nice, I promise!



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