5th Jan 2024

Jeffrey Epstein's Court Docs: Full List of People Named

By C. Rice, PPEmpire

Some websites have published list that they claim are Jeffrey Epstein's flight logs, black book or visitor list to Epstein's "orgy" island - the problem with these list is that they are made up, they are fake! Epstein's real black book was originally published by Gawker.com in 2015. Epstein's real black book is also available online HERE. Epstein's black book turned up in court proceedings after Epstein's former house manager Alfredo Rodriguez tried to sell it in 2009.

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This just in: I Know Who Killed Jeffrey Epstein

Epstein's flight logs are available HERE. The only other legitimate place to get names associated with Jeffrey Epstein is from court records/victim(s) testimony, available here (clink link for more):

  • May 1, 2006, Palm Beach police, Probable Cause Affidavit
  • Virginia Roberts Giuffre testimony against Jeffrey Epstein (2008) and Alan Dershowitz (2015).
  • September 22, 2010, Statement of Undisputed Facts of Roberts' lawyer.
  • March 20, 2011, R. Alexander Acosta letter on Jeffrey Epstein's 2008 plea deal.

From Epstein's victim(s) testimony: UNSEALED: Jeffrey Epstein's CLIENT LIST: Full List of People Named

Several celebrities, such as Ellen Degeneres, John Legend, Kathy Griffin, Chelsea Handler, Jimmy Kimmell, Jim Carey and Chrissy Teigen have been wrongly linked to these flight logs.

None of those figures are mentioned in the court documents and all of them deny any involvement.

Legal documents filled with the names of friends, victims, business partners and "alleged perpetrators" associated with Jeffrey Epstein's sex trafficking crimes are finally unsealed (see full list below).

The scandal waiting to explode is why law enforcement has ignored this ever-growing sex trafficking ring. We need an explanation for why people are not being charged and prosecuted. Is this an instance of classic influence peddling corruption in law enforcement? Why no action? The silence is now deafening.

I don't know why the entire country is not protesting over this obvious scandal of protecting the rich and powerful.


Previously sealed court documents involving disgraced child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein and his alleged collaborator Ghislaine Maxwell have been unveiled.

The list below is a collection of names mentioned in the unsealed court documents (click link for more).

  1. Larry Summers
  2. Bill Gates
  3. Jes Staley
  4. Tom Barrack
  5. Prince Andrew
  6. Charles Althorp
  7. Sarah Ferguson
  8. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman
  9. Terje Rød-Larsen
  10. Leon Black
  11. Reid Hoffman
  12. Alan Dershowitz
  13. Vicky Ward
  14. Peggy Siegal
  15. Steve Bannon
  16. George Lucas
  17. Bruce Willis
  18. Emmy Taylor
  19. Sarah Kellen
  20. Eva Dubin
  21. Glen Dubin
  22. Cameron Diaz
  23. Leonardo DiCaprio
  24. Dr. Mona Devanesan
  25. Al Gore
  26. Jean Luc Brunel
  27. Nadia Marcinkova
  28. Louis Freeh
  29. Marvin Minsky
  30. Henry Jarecki
  31. Naomi Campbell
  32. Ron Eppinger
  33. Ron Burkle
  34. Mary Paluga
  35. Stephen Hawking
  36. Stephen Kaufman
  37. Lawrence Krauss
  38. Kevin Spacey
  39. Ken Starr
  40. Les Wexner
  41. Mort Zuckerman
  42. Woody Allen
  43. Harvey Weinstein
  44. William Barr
  45. Bill Richardson
  46. Donald Trump
  47. Melania Trump
  48. Ivanka Trump
  49. Ivana Trump
  50. Robert Trump
  51. Marla Maples
  52. Robert J. Hurst
  53. Heidi Klum
  54. Chelsea Clinton
  55. Hillary Clinton
  56. Bill Clinton
  57. Chris Tucker
  58. David Koch
  59. Elon Musk
  60. Lloyd C. Blankfein
  61. Michael Bloomberg
  62. Mick Jagger
  63. Tamara Mellon
  64. Mark Zuckerberg
  65. Ehud Barak
  66. Ehud Olmert
  67. Jeff Bezos
  68. Ted Kennedy
  69. Tony Blair
  70. Prince Michael
  71. Flavio Briatore
  72. Peter Thiel
  73. Peter Cohen
  74. Peter Listerman
  75. Steve Forbes
  76. Rubert Murdoch
  77. Ronald Perelman
  78. Peter Soros
  79. Alec Baldwin
  80. Ralph Fiennes
  81. David Blaine
  82. David Copperfield
  83. Jimmy Buffett
  84. Chris Evans
  85. Dustin Hoffman
  86. Michael Jackson
  87. Sheryl Sandberg
  88. Doug Band
  89. Frederic Fekkai
  90. Alexandra Fekkai
  91. Tony Figueroa
  92. Clare Hazel
  93. Adriana Mucinska
  94. Tom Pritzker
  95. Haley Robson
  96. Larry Viskosky
  97. Igor Zinoview
  98. Ryan Dionne
  99. Eric Gany
  100. Adam Perry Lang
  101. Todd Meister
  102. Howard Wilson
  103. Vera Wang
  104. Charles Miller
  105. Robin Leach
  106. Steve Kosslyn
  107. Melinda Luntz
  108. Joi Ito
  109. Mike Wallace
  110. Jessica Rothchild
  111. Hannah Rothchild
  112. Charlie Rose
  113. Bob Pittman
  114. Harry Nuttall
  115. Hon Thomas Noel
  116. Neil Mendoza
  117. Abby King
  118. Kathy Alexander
  119. Miles Alexander
  120. James Michael Austrich
  121. Phillip Barden
  122. Cate Blanchett
  123. David Boies
  124. Laura Boothe
  125. Evelyn Boulet
  126. Rebecca Boylan
  127. Joshua Bunner
  128. Paul Cassell
  129. Carolyn Casey
  130. Sharon Churcher
  131. Alexandra Cousteau
  132. Amanda Ellison
  133. Cimberly Espinosa
  134. Crystal Figueroa
  135. Meg Garvin
  136. Sheridan Gibson-Butte
  137. Ross Gow
  138. Fred Graff
  139. Philip Guderyon
  140. Shannon Harrison
  141. Victoria Hazel
  142. Brett Jaffe
  143. Brittany Henderson
  144. Carol Roberts Kess
  145. Dr. Karen Kutikoff
  146. Tony Lyons
  147. Bob Meister
  148. Jamie A. Melanson
  149. Lynn Miller
  150. David Mullen
  151. Joe Pagano
  152. J. Stanley Pottinger
  153. Joseph Recarey
  154. Michael Reiter
  155. Jason Richards
  156. Sky Roberts
  157. Scott Rothstein
  158. Forest Sawyer
  159. Doug Shoetlle
  160. Cecilla Stein
  161. Mark Tafoya
  162. Brent Tindall
  163. Kevin Thompson
  164. Ed Tuttle
  165. Emma Vaghan
  166. Kimberly Vaughan-Edwards
  167. Cresenda Valdes
  168. Anthony Valladares
  169. Maritza Vazquez
  170. Jared Weisfeld
  171. Courtney Wild
  172. Daniel Wilson
  173. Andrew Albert Christian Edwards, Duke of York
  174. Lady Victoria Hervey
  175. Juan Esteban Ganoza Temple
  176. Evelyn De Rothschild
  177. Marijke Chartouni
  178. Rina Oh
  179. Lesley Groff
  180. Adriana Ross
  181. Ghislaine Maxwell
  182. Meryl Poster
  183. Chauntae Davies
  184. Carolyn Andriano
  185. Maria Farmer
  186. Annie Farmer
  187. Darren Indyke


Legal action against Epstein’s alleged associates has been confined to civil lawsuits by victims and attorneys general, despite the evidence available for criminal prosecutions, such as Epstein’s little black book, photos and videos of underage victims and the testimonies in the Maxwell trial. READ MORE: Nude Photos of Girls Seized From Jeffrey Epstein Mansion

On July 23, 2019, Epstein was discovered with neck injuries in his cell and was placed on suicide watch.

Epstein denied that he’d ever attempted suicide. Instead, he claimed that he’d been beaten half-way to death by his cellmate, a former police officer named Nicholas Tartaglione. READ MORE: 10 Facts That Will Make You Believe Jeffrey Epstein Was Murdered (ListVerse)

READ MORE: Feds no longer seeking death penalty against ex-cop Nicholas Tartaglione

The circumstances surrounding his death were arguably suspicious: the guards had reportedly fallen asleep while on duty and failed to check on Epstein at the appointed times and the cameras monitoring his jail cell were not working.

CBSNews: On the morning of Jeffrey Epstein's death there was shouting and shrieking from his jail cell, a source familiar with the situation told CBS News.

One of Epstein's guards at the Metropolitan Correctional Center on the night he died was reportedly not a regular corrections officer.

The Washington Post reported that broken bones in his neck were more consistent with homicidal strangulation than a suicide by hanging. READ MORE: Disturbing evidence in Jeffrey Epstein’s autopsy points to his murder: pathologist (NY Post)

At an August 27 hearing, Epstein defense attorney Reid Weingarten expressed "significant doubts" that Epstein's death was due to suicide. According to Weingarten, when attorneys met with their client shortly before his death, "we did not see a despairing, despondent, suicidal person"

Epstein's brother, Mark, has rejected the possibility of Jeffrey's suicide, claiming, "I could see if he got a life sentence, I could then see him taking himself out, but he had a bail hearing coming up." He also claimed his "life may also be in danger." READ MORE: Edward Snowden warns ‘Julian Assange could be next' after John McAfee and Epstein's ‘suicides'

RadarOnline: The city of New York is refusing to release a copy of the paramedic’s report on the mysterious prison death of Jeffrey Epstein – not even to his own next of kin, RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned.

January 4, 2022 NEW YORK (AP) — A judge ordered charges dropped against two Bureau of Prisons guards who admitted falsifying records after Jeffrey Epstein took his own life in jail over two years ago.

Now after his death and the arrest and conviction of Maxwell, the real story is starting to come together and the curtain has begun to be drawn back and what it has revealed is truly disturbing.

Jeffrey Epstein was not arrested and murdered to protect future innocent victims; he was killed to protect Bill Clinton, Donald Trump and thousands of other powerful figures. I don't know why the entire country is not protesting over this obvious scandal of protecting the rich and powerful. GUILTY: Jeffrey Epstein, Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, George W Bush and Prince Andrew

Written by freelance investigative journalist Christopher Rice who's Vote Strike movement helped to spawn the Occupy Wall Street, Tea Party, People's Party and Black Lives Matter movements. READ MORE: Call for a General Strike Gaining Huge Momentum (Op Ed News)

And in 2011 and again in 2013, Christopher Rice helped to coordinate hunger strikes in protest of inhuman and degrading conditions of confinement in California's state run prison system.The hunger strikes also spurred successful litigation that would ultimately end the use of long-term solitary confinement in California.


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